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I have 14 years experience in the wellness industry. I love sharing my knowledge, travels, tips on relaxation and lifestyle with my followers! 


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About Me

Hi! I'm Shelly, nice to meet you!  I am from Austin, TX....and probably like you, I love to travel, get spa treatments and (try to) live a stress free life. I have been in the wellness industry for 14 years, am married to my best friend and soulmate, and we have one fur baby; a Highland Lynx named Captain Curly. 


I am going to get a little real with you today. Why? Because I believe everybody has a story to tell and if that story can help at least one person, then that's what life is all about, right?


You see, it was a little over five years ago when things really changed in my life.


My health started fading very rapidly. I was getting hives all over my body,  going into anaphylaxis for no reason, feeling like I had the flu with fever/chills and stomach pain's that would last for what felt like forever.  I was eating healthy and exercising, so it was quite a surprise that I was feeling so horrible ALL the time.  I felt EXHAUSTED! I needed a three hour nap everyday just to make it through the day.  How many of you can relate?

To make a long story short, after going to multiple doctors, doing thousands of test's (well maybe not a thousand, but it sure felt that way) and missing a lot of work, I was no closer to finding out the cause of my illness. For a lack of a better term, they were stumped (their words, not mine).  I  got diagnosed with PCOS and Hashimoto's, but the doctor's just couldn't figure out what was truly going on.


That is when I realize that something drastically had to change. The one thing that all the doctor's did agree on, is that I had an extreme amount of inflammation. So I started doing research on what could be causing all the inflammation.  You know what I found..... STRESS is a major contributing factor to inflammation and to many disease's.  I also found that certain foods can also contribute to inflammation.


So, I began the Paleo Diet, started implementing relaxation into my daily life and began to travel and take time away from the daily grind.  And can you guess what happened next?  I felt like a completely new woman!  I had my life back! 


Did you know that in recent studies, 80% of the population feel stressed on a daily basis! That is an extremely high number and if you landed on my website, you are probably one of those 80%.


Let me just say this.....self-care is never a selfish act- it is simply a love you have for yourself that needs to be nurtured just like any relationship. You deserve to live stress free, travel to beautiful places, feel healthy and be yourself again. Everything changed the instant I made myself a priority. Now by sharing my journey and travel stories, I hope to inspire others to do the same. 

I am so happy you are here and I look forward to sharing my life with you.  Please contact me with any comments and questions. 

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